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“Internet TV is everywhere. Zattoo is driving and leading it.”


I. Company Profile


In Switzerland, Zattoo has represented the distribution of live and linear TV over IP technology since 2006. Zattoo enables the Internet generation to consume linear live TV, whilst remaining entirely independent of the conventional TV sets in their living rooms. Zattoo provides high quality live TV content, including over 100 free channels in Switzerland and over 50 free channels in Germany. You can receive Zattoo’s live TV anywhere- on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Each registered user receives an account that can be used on all devices on which Zattoo is available for use. Users have the option to choose between advertising financed offers and subscription based models.


Zattoo’s launch coincided with the 2006 soccer world cup, thus pioneering as Switzerland’s first provider to make free and live TV available on PCs. By the time of the following soccer world cup in 2010, reception via the iPhone had been included in the live TV offer, also a first in Switzerland at the time. Zattoo has been offering live TV services in Germany since 2007. Reception via mobile devices was made possible in April of 2011. Rights pertaining to retransmission of TV content are negotiated by Zattoo with the respective licensing agents (mostly collecting societies and broadcasters) on a country specific basis.


Zattoo is currently Europe`s largest provider of live web TV and operates in six European countries. A mere five years after being launched, some 9 million users are registered with Zattoo and an audience of one million unique users is reached every month. At 20 million video views per month, Zattoo is a competent partner with maximum reach for agencies and advertisers involved in web video advertising.

Dr. Niklas Brambring, CEO of Zattoo International: “Zattoo was the first to bring real live TV experiences to PCs. In the future we want to be wherever the internet is, irrespective of devices”


II. Mobile TV has never been easier. In the age of internet-enabled devices Zattoo has many advantages

Advantages for users:

In the new internet generation, media consumption is increasingly taking place via the web. Consumers today readily use web-enabled devices on a daily basis and mobility is climbing to unprecedented levels of importance to internet users. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have already replaced traditional devices as the preferred means to surf the web. Nonetheless, consumers still display a keen interest in TV content – albeit independently of the standard television devices in their living rooms. Zattoo enables engaging live TV experiences wherever there is an internet connection (WLAN/WiFi).  You can watch TV at home in bed, on the balcony or in the bathtub. In many cases live TV is also available in digital quality via wireless when you’re on the move. Given the right type of device and a Zattoo account, watching TV becomes an experience which is no longer limited to the confines of one’s own home. Tiresome delays in transit, at the airport or on the train are thus ideally filled with engaging entertainment. The Zattoo App on your mobile device simply comes along with you to the café, the office or the garden barbecue.


Sendervorschau mit Live Bildern der einzelnen Sender

Fernsehen auf den iPad benutzerfreundlich gemacht.

Mit Zattoo auf einem Tablet TV schauen macht Spass.


Photos: Zattoo App for the iPad


Advantages for Broadcasters:

In an increasingly integrated digital landscape, where digital natives are shifting the emphasis of media consumption to the internet, the relevance of linear live TV via alternative distribution methods is on a steady increase. In an age of “anywhere/anytime” television, Internet TV has become an essential cornerstone for any leading TV station seeking to consolidate its positioning. Content distribution via the internet is especially significant when it comes to retaining younger target groups, engaging their interest and enhancing reach to them. Current developments show that traditional devices are increasingly being replaced by web-ready mobile ones. The Zattoo platform is a means for broadcasters to ensure their presence on precisely those devices which are being embraced and receiving most attention. In addition to this, Zattoo offers broadcasters the possibility of participating in new business models and, if desired, of distributing programs internationally.

Die Sendervorschau wird mit Live Fernsehbildern aktualisiert.

Fernsehen für unterwegs

Die Zattoo App nutzt den ganzen Bildschirm aus.

Photos: Zattoo App for iPhone


III. Product Portfolio

Free-of-charge live TV offers: Zattoo users have free access to linear live TV experiences with country specific broadcasting offers in six European markets. Data is received directly from the satellite, immediately retransmitted and remains unaltered. Proprietary technology provides  Zattoo users with high-end service. Zattoo collaborates with over 150 different tv stations across Europe to ensure this quality service, and continues to expand its offers. In Germany and Switzerland the free-to-air channels are available without charge. This service is predominantly financed by showing advertisements when channels are switched.

Subscription offers: Subscribers to Zattoo enjoy the same array of channels, but have the benefit of higher resolution and faster channel-switching due to the absence of advertisements.

Pay-TV offers: In September of 2011 Zattoo launched its first Premium Pay-TV package, “Zattoo+”. Zattoo+ offers access to pay-tv channels in the categories of Documentaries, Sports, Family Entertainment, Music, and Movies. A number of foreign language packages are also available (currently Turkish, Polish, Croatian, and Bosnian).


Our Media contact: Jörg Meyer, Vice President Content & Consumer



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Zattoo News

Partnership with Orange: Zattoo is from now on the official tv partner of Orange Switzerland.

RTL launch in Germany: Zattoo now offers six channels of the RTL Group also  in Germany.

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