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The consumption of all sorts of media is quickly shifting towards the Internet and the use of devices and various distribution channels that has been talked about so much in recent years is now becoming reality.


Zattoo helps you as a provider of linear TV content. We help by successfully implementing your existing business model (linear live TV) into a media environment in which we will bring your linear TV program to connected devices.


There is a variety of reasons why Zattoo is the right partner for you:

  • The use of media is quickly shifting to the Internet – via Zattoo, you can stay in contact with the “Digital Natives”.
  • Take advantage of the fact that your channel can be watched on alternative devices – detached from the TV in the living room. This is especially helpful in reaching members of your young audience.
  • Expand the accessibility of your program. With the help of Zattoo, your channel can be viewed outdoors, in the office, at the university, in the garden, on the balcony, in the bedroom or at the airport.  Zattoo is available at any place that offers anin Internet connection.
  • If your content rights allow it, you can use Zattoo for the international distribution of your channel. Zattoo currently offers its service in six countries in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain and Denmark).
  • More than nine million users have registered with Zattoo and we also operate the most successful TV app for the iPhone and iPad worldwide.
  • Zattoo is legal and safe. We comply with copyright restrictions.
  • Zattoo is the European market leader for live TV on PCs, smartphones and tablets. We have become a reliable partner for over 150 TV stations.
  • We offer free and paid access. This means that you can benefit from Zattoo even if you are the operator of a pay-TV channel.


Let us prove that having linear TV content in a media environment dominated by the Internet will still be absolutely relevant for many years to come.


Contact us and we will be happy to give you more background information on Zattoo.


Our contact for station manager: Jan Kröling, Director Content & Consumers.

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Zattoo News

Partnership with Orange: Zattoo is from now on the official tv partner of Orange Switzerland.

RTL launch in Germany: Zattoo now offers six channels of the RTL Group also  in Germany.

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